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Our Products

Tasmay is Sourcing Agent in a wide range of Specialty Chemicals, Natural products, Herbal Extracts & Suppliments, Oleoresins & Oils etc. that are of high quality and high performance. We have the privilege of working closely with Global as well as Local producers to provide our customers with a vast range of products that are used in various industries such as Oil field, Water treatment, Textile, Leather, Metal, Food processing, Agro Industry, Paper, Polymer, Resin, Animal & Veternery Feed etc.

We understand the importance of supplying consistently high quality products so that our buyers are rest assured when our products are utilised as raw materials or intermediates by them in their manufacturing processes. This is possible due to the constant interaction between our suppliers and our technical experts who have had extensive manufacturing expertise and can provide expert advice.
We source specialty chemical and ingredients from manufacturers all over the world to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality and competitively priced products to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

We also supply Guar Gum Powder for the Shale Gas & Oil Industry as per the International Standards from one of the leading Producer in India. Other Grades are also available if required. For details on Guar Gum kindly email us.

Our close contacts with the Farming Community helps us in not only supplying them with Natural Pesticides but also in Marketing their output thus making our relations mutually benefitial. Some of the range of products include "Ashwagandha" also called Withania somnifera, Indian Frankincense, or "Shallaki" or Boswellia serrata, "Vrikshamla" also called Malabar Tamarind or Garcinia cambogia in Latin, "Gokshura" or Tribulus terristris, "Guggul" or Indian Bdellium, Commiphora wightii in Latin, "Haldi" or Turmeric Powders and Extracts.

Diverse Products

Our strong links with Local & International Producers & Suppliers ensures Quality Sourcing of Products & Services.


We team up with the Best Certified Companies that follow all International Quality norms in Production.

On TimeDeliveries

Our Professionls ensures that we work with Reliable Producers that adhere to Schedules and Delivery Timing.