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About US

Tasmay Group is the Consultancy arm of Industrial Metallics India Pvt Ltd (IMI). IMI, established in 1965, is one of the oldest and leading Import and Export Trading & Indenting House in India, serving the Iron & Steel Industry.
IMI has close ties with most of India's Major and Medium Steel & Metal Producers & Small Scale manufacturers in public & private sector, including consumers & traders. IMI also caters to the Gas & Oil Field companies both in terms of Sourcing & Supplies of Raw Materials.
Tasmay provides Consultancy in Imports & Exports, Turnkey Projects in Metallurgy, Oil & Gas and Specialty Chemical Industries, covering a wide spectrum of projects from Pyrolysis & Oil Refineries, Waste to Energy, Oilfield Chemicals & Additives, Textiles, Food processing, Agrochemicals, Animal feed, Natural products, Biocides, Food Colours, Pharmaceuticals to name a few.
Tasmay Group are also sourcing Agents in specialised products in Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates, Oil Field Chemicals, Formulations & Additives and Industrial Chemicals for some customers both for Import and Export where Technical Expertise and Knowledge and Trust is foremost.
We also act as sourcing Agents specialising in Agricultural, Herbal Supplements, Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates. Our Technical expertise extends to these areas of business with a complementary work force.
We also provide Turnkey Solutions in Solar & Waste to Energy Projects and in Setting up Water Treatment Plants or Ground Water Testing Projects. Our extended team have also handled projects for Multi-National Companies in installation of Tele-Communication equipment as well as setting up plants for manufacture of Fuel Oil from Waste Rubber and Plastic, and setting up Industrial Scale Bio Gas / Bio Mass Projects.